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Meet the Chestnuts!

Our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but what draws us together is a love for chamber singing. We each bring a unique voice and perspective to our collaborative process, and believe that making music together is a stimulating, enriching endeavor—one worth celebrating.

Click below to get to know each of us a little bit more.

Sonja Bontrager –  alto

Sonja Bontrager – alto

Walker Gosrich –  bass

Walker Gosrich – bass

Logan Laudenslager –  soprano

Logan Laudenslager – soprano

Erina Pearlstein –  soprano

Erina Pearlstein – soprano

Rebecca Roy –  alto

Rebecca Roy – alto

Kevin Vondrak –  tenor

Kevin Vondrak – tenor

Lucas DeJesus –  bass

Lucas DeJesus – bass

Amy Hochstetler –  soprano

Amy Hochstetler – soprano

Nathan Lofton –  bass

Nathan Lofton – bass

John Piccolini –  tenor

John Piccolini – tenor

Lizzy Schwartz –  alto

Lizzy Schwartz – alto

Caroline Winschel –  soprano

Caroline Winschel – soprano

Conrad Erb –  bass

Conrad Erb – bass

Michael Johnson –  bass

Michael Johnson – bass

Cortlandt Matthews –  tenor

Cortlandt Matthews – tenor

Rebekah Reddi –  soprano

Rebekah Reddi – soprano

Andrew Shaw –  bass

Andrew Shaw – bass

Michele Zuckman –  soprano

Michele Zuckman – soprano

Julie Frey –  soprano

Julie Frey – soprano

Elissa Kranzler –  alto

Elissa Kranzler – alto

Hank Miller –  tenor

Hank Miller – tenor

Jordan Rock –  bass

Jordan Rock – bass

Melinda Steffy –  alto

Melinda Steffy – alto