Hank Miller demonstrated little to no music ability until the age of three. At that point, to his mother’s great relief, he (finally!) showed some signs of being able to sing in tune. Debuting in his church’s cherub choir at the tender age of five, Hank hasn’t gone more than a year without singing in a choral ensemble since. Hank studied music and psychology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, but probably put more time and effort into founding and directing Interchorus, his school’s first mixed a cappella group.

Hank proceeded to use his degrees to great effect as a swim coach, where his occasional operatic outbursts received mixed reviews from children; notable descriptors included “kinda cool,” “annoying,” and “hard to hear underwater.” Away from the chlorine, Hank sang at the Kennedy Center, Folger Theatre, embassies of Italy and Luxembourg, and various churches across the DC metropolitan area. Feeling directionless as he reached the twilight years of his twenties, inspiration struck and Hank left his life-long home of Maryland for the fecund fields of Philadelphia. He is currently in his third year of a Master’s program for music therapy at Temple University and absolutely loves the city’s history, culture, murals, and sterling beer scene.


Hank Miller

Tenor, Board Member