Walker Gosrich is a devoted student of both music and robotics! He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in the GRASP Lab where he conducts research related to multi-robot teams.

Walker is originally from upstate New York (almost Canada). His musical origins are in jazz guitar and classical viola, and he took up singing before heading off to the University at Buffalo to pursue his BS in Mechanical Engineering. There, he headed The Enchords, the school's only co-ed a cappella group, in addition to playing in the Symphony Orchestra and the University Jazz Ensembles, and singing with the University Choir. In his last year at Buffalo, he discovered a love for early music, singing with the UB Chamber Singers.

Now, he is enjoying life in West Philly and at Penn. He sang with Collegium Musicum and the University Choir, and will now be joining the Chestnut Street Singers for his first year! He is an avid climber, biker, and hiker, and can almost always be found outside. More about his research and pastimes can be found at walker.gosrich.com


Walker Gosrich