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Join our Subscription Program by making a single, annual contribution to sustain the ensemble through the 2019–2020 season. With your gift, you’ll be giving us the assurance and stability to build and plan on a year-long scale instead of just tracking our income on a concert-to-concert basis. Your subscription has the added benefit of making our organization more attractive to potential grantors.

As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and proud members of the Philadelphia arts community, we rely on our friends and contributors to make our work possible. Our commitment to offering ticketless concerts means our continued success is possible through your donations alone.

As our organization matures, so do its wants and needs. Our pursuit of additional revenue over the coming years will allow us to realize some of our bigger goals:

  • Commissioning new compositions for our chorus.

  • Coordinating collaborative concerts with like-minded ensembles.

  • Staging workshops for the development of our singers and conductors.

  • Pursuing special projects in educational outreach or musicological research.

Subscription Levels

Wren Subscription — $60

For a gift of $60, you receive a Subscriber Button that entitles you to pass proudly by our donation table at any concert during the 2018–2019 season.

Though small in stature, wrens are instantly recognizable–even on our logo–by their loud and complex melodies.

Nightingale Subscription — $180

For a gift of $180, you get two Subscriber Buttons and two tickets to spring 2019 donor even (details TBD). Get to know the singers and the choir’s rehearsal process!

Known for their constant song, nightingales have been celebrated by generations of composers.

Crane Subscription — $300

For a gift of $300, you get two Subscriber Buttons, two tickets to our spring 2019 donor event, and reserved seating for two at any concerts you attend.

Revered worldwide for their grace and beauty, cranes symbolize hope and good wishes.

Phoenix Subscription — $500

For a gift of $500, you get two Subscriber Buttons, two tickets to our spring 2019 donor event, reserved seating for two at any concerts you attend, and a mystery reward!

Associated with immortality, the mythical phoenix dies and is reborn throughout cultures and across time.

Our sincere thanks to those who have supported us since June of 2017!

Collaborators: Gifts of $1000+

  • First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

Sustainers: Gifts of $500–$1000

  • Henry Kranzler and Leah Zindel

Benefactors: Gifts of $250–$499

  • Robin Eaton

  • Harlan and Pauline Hochstetler

  • Bill Houston

  • Leonard and Marjorie Johnson

  • Jerome and Virginia Lavanish

  • Lawrence Passmore and Maureen O’Ryan

  • Kay and Steve Rock

  • Daniel Widyono

Patrons: Gifts of $100–$249

  • Jerrold Adler

  • Rayelenn and Stephen Casey

  • Cindy Cassel and Jeffrey Knightly

  • David and Susan Cooper

  • Lisa Kent

  • Julie and Eric Orts

  • Melinda Steffy

  • David and Rebecca Thornburgh

Supporters: Gifts up to $100

  • Alison Anderson

  • Anonymous

  • Rayelenn and Stephen Casey

  • Margaret Connolly

  • Ann Delaura

  • Douglas and Susan Heckrotte

  • Thomas La Forgia

  • Ian Notte and Caroline Swindler

  • Paul Rardin

  • Jennifer Rock

  • Jordan Rock and Caroline Winschel

  • Margaret Sayvetz

  • Anne C Slater

  • David and Rebecca Thornburgh

  • Jennifer Winschel

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