Lizzy Schwartz has always loved to sing. She began studying music at the piano at age four in San Francisco and fell in love with choir as a sixth grader in Orlando, Florida. Something of a wanderer, she has also lived in south Jersey, Atlanta, and Oakland, and she has worked as a horseback riding instructor, camp counselor, theme park retail minion, barista, and dog handler. But in twenty years, she has never gone more than a few months without singing in a choir, and she is happy to be feeling quite settled in Philly.

Lizzy has a BA in vocal performance from Agnes Scott College, where she founded and led the college’s only student-led a cappella group, the Luchsingers. When not singing, she can be found hanging out with pets in various capacity, mostly as an assistant at a local veterinary hospital. She lives in South Philly with her two charmingly chubby cats.


Lizzy Schwartz