3 thoughts on “Auditions

  1. I have had recent voice lessons and have sung in a lot of choirs, Choral Arts Society, Singing City, the Choristers. I can sing either tenor or alto. If you need an additional singer, why not audition me. I might fit your requirements. I am + 60 years old.

    • Hi Ronald,
      We’re all set for this season, but please fill out our audition request form if you’re interested in auditioning for future seasons. Thanks!

  2. Chestnut Street Singers,

    I just submitted an audition request to Chestnut Street Singers and forgot to mention that I recently auditioned for the Mendelssohn Chorus of Philadelphia and will be singing with them during the upcoming 2016 -2017 season as a tenor I.

    Best regards,
    William Shoff

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